About Us

We are a family of 4 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On Jan 1, 2020, we are leaving behind our home, our jobs, school, and our family and friends to embark on an 18-month long sabbatical from everyday life to travel the world together.


Robin (the Dad) is a geeky introverted type who likes food you can dip, gadgety stuff and taking long, quiet baths. Robin works in Financial Services in the Credit Risk space and in his spare time enjoys singing, food (and eating!), camping with the boys and a variety of other nerdy pursuits. He doesn’t mind watching Wendy try extreme sports.

wendyWendy (the Mom) is the main author of this blog and when she’s not blogging and traveling, she likes cooking and baking (and eating), craft beer and red wine, running and yoga.  Wendy’s day job is also in Financial Services and also in Credit Risk. Her goal for this blog is to connect with other people in the blogosphere and beyond who share a passion for travel, family and life in general. She will endeavour to write with honesty and humour (using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation as much as possible) and hopes to meet new people, make new friends, and gather new ideas that will enrich the lives of our family.

img_1664Caleb (the Oldest Kid) will be 11, almost 12, when we leave on our journey. He’s an avid reader and loves playing video games, building things, playing with his friends and correcting others when they don’t quite get the details right. Caleb and his brother Kieran enjoy playing Magic the Gathering together and love camping with their dad. Caleb’s favourite place that we have traveled so far is Dubai and he is most looking forward to visiting Costa Rica on our trip.

IMG_1196Kieran (the Younger Kid) will be 9 when we leave. He’s another introverted type who is happy to be a quiet observer most of the time but if you catch him alone and in a good mood, he will talk your ear off. Kieran is a serious Potterhead, into Dogman and loves to read, play soccer and video games. He enjoys trivia and quizes of all kinds, likes to draw and loves playing games, especially cards. Kieran’s favourite place that we have traveled so far is Belize and he is most looking forward to visiting Italy on our trip.

Past Travels:

We have kept a blog for many of our travel adventures but they’ve always been focused just on one trip at a time. The first few cover trips that Robin and Wendy took together both before having kids and one after (Italy). If you want to read back on any of those, you can find them at the links below.

In 2016, when we went to Dubai (and Jordan) as a family, we started a new blog with the intention of blogging about our travels as a family. You can find that blog at Wanderkind.