An Incan Experience

Two weeks ago my family and I went on a trip to Machu Picchu (#14 on our list of Top 100 Sights), it was a blast! The car ride to Ollantaytambo was one hour long, the train to Aguas Calientes was one hour and a half, and the bus ride to Machu Picchu was 30 minutes. At Aguas Calientes we found a guide, his name was Franco, and went on the bus to Machu Picchu.

First we walked up a big set of stairs then we went to see some llamas. After that we went to see the ruins and houses of Machu Picchu and other historic stones and rooms. My favorite part was the Temple of the Condor.

The whole experience took about six hours but it was fun. Now I am going to explain everything in the next paragraph. But first, I will explain where we were staying. When we went to Machu Picchu we were staying in Calca, Cusco, Peru.

First we got in a taxi to Ollantaytambo, then we got on a train to Aguas Calientes, then we got on a bus to Machu Picchu along with our guide. We walked up a big staircase and then we got to the top of Machu Picchu. Our guide explained about llamas and other things while we took pictures.

After we saw the llamas we went down to the bigger part of Machu Picchu where we learned about things that show different patterns when the sun is shining on it. And then my favorite part!

List of favorite things. Wendy: the train ride; Caleb: the water mirrors; Robin: the view from the top; Kieran: the temple of the Condor


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