Ecuador/Galapagos Islands


In Quito we didn’t do much because we were only there for four days but at least we did something. We went on a walk to see different things that helped Ecuador claim Independence. On the second day we went on an adventure up to the top of a mountain and went to a museum on the Equator, I thought that was cool. On the third and pretty much final day we went to the park: we went paddle boating, walking and taking pictures. I enjoyed our stay in Quito I recommend it to travelers looking for somewhere to go.

Me, on the Equator

San Cristobal

In San Cristobal we walked around, went to a museum and walked to a beach to swim and watch the sunset. On day two we went snorkeling at Kicker Rock. That was pretty much it. Did you know that the Galapagos Islands were made from volcanoes?

Playing with the Sea Lions on San Cristobal


On the first day on Isabela we went to a five star restaurant (or at least that’s what the sign out front said!). The next day we split up and me and my mom went to Los Tuneles and Caleb and my Dad went to Tintoreras. All of us went to the wetlands to see the flamingos, but not all together at the same time. I thought that Isabela was the best island. My favourite part was seeing penguins.

Getting to see penguins was the best!

Santa Cruz

On the first day we did nothing at all but on day two we bought ice cream and went to Tortuga Bay. On the third day mom and Caleb went diving. On the last two days we did nothing. My favourite part was doing nothing.

I ate a local lunch with my mom and I actually liked it!

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