Kieran’s pre-departure thoughts (posted a little late)


How I feel about the trip:

OK, here is how I and I only, feel about the trip. Well I’m kinda 50/50 between excited and nervous. So this is my document and I will explain everything and I mean everything.

Things I’m excited about

  1. The experience.
  2. The traveling.
  3. the fun.
  4. the plane rides.
  5. the work.

Things I’m nervous about

  1. Trying new food
  2. not having wifi.
  3. Missing my friends.
  4. Missing my family.
  5. not having hot water.

Food and Drinks that I’m excited about trying.

Pig brains
Frog leg
Different fruit
Tree leaves

Coconut water
Different kinds of sodas
Fruity juices

Well that was mostly all I have to say about my pre-departure thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Kieran’s pre-departure thoughts (posted a little late)

    • You can definitely get the Pig Brian and Frog legs when you are in China. They taste so good in the hot pot. Be sure to visit Chong Qin or Cheng Du in Si Chuan province of China. 🙂


  1. As much as I enjoy trying new foods I don’t think I could do spiders or pig brain!!!! You’re brave!!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey!!!


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