100 Days to Go



It’s hard to believe, but we are just 100 days away from departing on our journey of a lifetime.

Our plans are coming together nicely:

  • Rough itinerary planned
  • The first two flights are booked
  • The first month or so of accommodations are booked
  • Passports and vaccinations are (mostly) in order
  • We’ve got most of the gear we need to travel

Still to accomplish:

  • Arranging for rental of our house (a big one!)
  • Planning how the Homeschooling is going to work

I think we are starting to feel the anticipation, but we still have some much in front of us in terms of work, school and planning before we leave that we are doing the best we can to push it to the back of our minds and focus on what’s in front of us.

One thing we have been doing to prepare ourselves mentally is trying to gather all of the research we’ve done over the last few months and years into one place to organize our thoughts about what we want to include on the adventure. On that theme, we want to share with you three lists of experiences we’ve put together.

  1. The Top #100 Sights we are most excited to see on our travels
  2. The Top #100 Foods and Drinks we want to sample on the journey
  3. The Top #100 Activities we plan to do at some point

I’ll be posting these 3 lists here over the next couple of weeks (the first is up now). Take a look and let us know what you think!





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